DBT – A Crossfit newbie’s first ever WOD

Crossfit babe

DBT – what?

That’s what I thought when I attended my FIRST official Cross Fit class. I walked in and was wished “good luck” by the members of the 5:15 pm class. Once again, everyone was amazingly friendly, even in their own painful glory post work out. If people only walked into this gym during a WOD that was nearing the end, they may see a different story (grunts, cursing & what I can only call baby birthing faces) 🙂

Well back to my class – What is DBT – I was sorry I asked. DBT = Death by Thrusters.. yes death.

Is it as painful as it sounds? Absolutely.

After my mobility and my warm up (which is much more then a warm up I might add), my strength focus for the day was going to be back squat. Yay! No really, of all the 5 strengths on my sheet, I’m a freak and absolutely love back squats. It’s most likely caused by the fact that I have good leg strength, while my upper body has the strength of a 3 year old toddler or this kid.


Well, let me tell you, DBT is even harder after doing back squats as your strength. This is due to the fact that you are using the same muscle group for squats.

For those of you who do not know, Thrusters are a bar lift, followed by a squat, followed by an overhead press – all in one fluid motion. Death by Thrusters means that you go up one rep for each minute you’re able to complete. For example, in minute 1, you complete 1 rep, in minute 2, you complete 2 reps and so on. This is pretty easy when you first start out, however by about the 7th minute, I was struggling. I completed it, barely and went on to minute 8. I was at my 8th rep (the last one of 8 min set) and had just completed the squat (not ladylike or pretty at all), and was going hell bent determined on finishing my overhead press. I couldn’t do it, I could get the bar just to eye level and had to let it go.

Not bad for a first go, I went until I couldn’t go anymore. Which is what I consider Cross Fit to be – pushing to your max every time. I will admit that I was pushed harder then I would ever be working out by myself – which stings a bit to admit. It also tells me Cross fit is the right thing for me to be doing, to be a stronger, leaner and fitter self.

A further observation and it captivated me was that the 6:15 pm class was predominantly female & many of them went into their 11th or 12th set at max weight – As a good friend of mine says – Amaze-balls. I had the wrong misconception that Cross Fit was mostly made up of males, I’m quite impressed to say the gym I go to seems like a 60/40 split for the female population. For some reason I found this comforting and less intimidating for my first session.
What also amazed me throughout this was the coaching. As much as I wanted to donkey punch Coach Jeff in the face, he stayed with me, pushing me to remember technique and push out another rep when I didn’t think I could. This could be because it was my first time, but I noticed in a class of about 6 people, there were 2-3 coaches milling around. Impressive.

I wasn’t able to move much afterward,  in fact I pretty much looked like this guy (although much less pretty).

Strap a wig on this puppy and make the position more fetal-like.. pretty much identical

Even after stretching out my quads for about 30 mins, everything in my lower half still hurt. I took a 2-3 min ice bath and drank a ton of water, even though everything in me wanted a lovely glass of shiraz. Today, I’m a little bit ashamed and proud to admit I did take the elevator this morning, to the second floor at that.

This morning, this t-shirt explains my feelings well….


The wild thing is that I will go back. I’m curious to see how much more I can push myself, especially my toddler strength upper body. Of course I’ll complain again, but I’ll keep going. I can only get better.


DBT – 8 + 8