Biking Boston

Heeyyy friends,

My Mr. surprised me with a trip to Boston for my birthday. What a TIME we had. I’ll try to express what I loved the most about this beautiful city, but it’s difficult when you loved everything. I’ll try and recap.

The architecture…


The landscape…


The ease of getting around…………


The character, charm and personality owned by the city & people of Boston.


I can’t forget my personal fave – the food!

Some of my personal faves are:

Lunch: Orinco or Shay’s – If you go to Shay’s try the Mulled Apple Cider with Port!

Dinner: Any Pasta from Toscana’s or Pizza from Reginas

Dessert: Wait in that line for a Mike’s Cannoli, you won’t regret it. Freshly baked cookies from Cookie Monstah are worth sourcing out the food truck for. The peanut butter chocolate chip are A-mazing.


The fine art museum….

So many paintings done by the greats (Degas, Monet & Renoir) in one room! You’ll feel more inspired just from walking through.

The Mario Testino exhibit on right now is spectacular!


I think you should all go and experience the city, the sights, the historic beauty. As long as the weather cooperates, try walking or biking. There’s no better way to experience and see a city! Check out Urban Adventours for bike rentals in the North End – They were fantastic and great pricing as well. You’ll need to work off that Cannoli anyway !