Great News: Part 1

Dear friends,

I promised great news. Here it is.

We’re happy to welcome a new baby (human) into our lives. On top of it, my Mr. and I are Auntie/Uncle AND God-parents to Miss. S. This is MEGA! She is the first niece/nephew/god child/grandchild in either of our families. Spoiled? Oh yes, we can’t wait to 🙂

Most of you know I prefer kiddos of the four legged kind. However, this little lady is pretty special, and has made me include her into my new “faves”.

Yep, I’m going to spoil her rotten!
Checking out the new Uncle
My sister and Miss S. A proud mama bear!

Since I shared this great news with you, I’ll also my first letter to Miss S. I’ll be writing her a letter, every year on her birthday, and then sending them all to her altogether when she turns 19. Or old enough to appreciate them, whichever comes first.

My first letter to my god-child and niece.

Miss S.,

You have no idea how much you are loved, and will be loved in your lifetime. I just left the hospital, where we met for the first time.

You have all of your uncles, aunties, grandparents and yes – of course your parents wrapped around your tiny fingers.

You have no idea how many times in this lifetime you will hear words of support come from our mouths, how many times our hands will heal your broken pieces, your cuts and scrapes and unfortunately at one point – even your heart.

We are a family of dog and animal lovers, advocates and protectors. They have taught us the value of patience, love and loyalty. Our furry friends have helped reinforce the value of “great” family. They have helped ready us for you.

I won’t always be able to always understand your thoughts or agree entirely with your choices. However, I do promise to always listen and hear you out regardless. I promise to be a present and constant figure in your life. Your Mom and Dad will always be there for you, and when you feel they’re not – know they, and the army behind them, will be there for you as well.

Miss S.- Let me say now, you have the best parents in the world. I can’t imagine anyone that will love you more. I know you will inherit the best of both of them. Your mother’s tenacity and passion, your father’s never-ending supply of patience.

Know we are a forever kind of family, and we welcome you with open arms.


Auntie A

Thanks for reading – Stay tuned for Great News: Part 2 coming at cha’ next week!