Best of Beantown Eats ?

Hi foodie friends,

I’m reaching out to those of you who are from or have visited Boston. My fiance and I visiting for the first time this week and am pumped! We’re looking to check out some of the best eats that Boston has to offer.

Now I’m not looking for the Olive Garden. I’m really looking for the best independent restaurants of Boston who are only using the freshest and most delicious ingredients!

So, in your opinion – who has the best:

Clam Chowder –

Fresh Seafood –

Mexican –

Thai –

Pizza –

Cafe –

Italian –

Entertainment – anyone know a great Comedy Club to check out?

Cheers & Thanks in advance!



Hot or Not – Costume Edition

I know I know… I’m ANOTHER female that’s going to attack the one day a year women can dress like a hooker and get away with it. Let me say, first off I do not consider myself a feminist. I do believe in equal rights and I do enjoy a great sense of intelligent humor. I believe this day is worth celebrating – let your freak flag fly.. I just prefer it with a sense of humor.

Humor is sexy, so obviously I’m a bit biased on costume preference. I’d prefer a laugh over a homemade pun rather then a sexy nurse any day. Then again, I don’t have a penis. Here are some of my fave halloween costumes to date!

One day, when I have kids.. they will be dressed as Carl Fredericksen in “Up”. Yep, I’m a softy when it comes to this costume. Check it out below and I dare you not to melt (just a little)


Photo Credit: I’m been searching high and low to find out who to attribute photo credit to this lovely ensemble.. Please share if you know!

This one’s just hilarious.. poor little guy 🙂


This one is our costume for next year…


This one is just for laughs.. I adore Gingies that can have a laugh at their own expense.


So those are some of my current faves. I hope you enjoyed.

I’m sure I’ll be adding more, check often !

Trick or Treat?


Family Talent

I’ve always been a bit proud of the artistic talent that stems from my Mr’s side of the family. His grandmother, mom and sister are all so phenomenal. I’m talking Acrylics, Watercolor, mixed media, photography, jewelry! You name it, they can do it. I’ve always been a big fan of the arts. In fact, I was an art teacher when I first moved to NB. I am however a bit awed by the choices that surround me. I think I’m a artistic jack of all trades, master of none. I need a FOCUS! (Refer to my first post).

So, in an effort to get down with my artsy self, I’m going to try out Acrylics for the first time! I’m excited, yet nervous.
I tend to keep my art to myself, as I never feel it’s finished. I do not want to present an unfinished product to my friends and family. They aren’t the judge-y sort, but still….

My sis has let me know that they will be having a farm inspired theme in their nursery. How cute is that, esp since they both come from the farm world AND live in Truro -Agriculture epicenter of NS. I’d like to paint them a mural….How about these little gems I found?



Anyway, this could prove to be another fantastic artsy outlet.

Thanks for listening, now to get sketching!


Renovation Revelations!

My life with renovation

This was my  choice of procrastination method when I should have been finishing up the first renovation project (kitchen).

I was really hesitant at first about painting the fireplace (hello – non reversible!), I’m really happy that I did. It just brightens up the entire space – What a face lift!

Revelation # 1 – If you’re in doubt, go with you intuition.

Revelation #2 – Paint that ugly fireplace, it can’t get any worse…

Revelation # 3 – Don’t be scared of color (I’m loving the grey/purple combo – Thanks to JR for the inspiration) – OWN your space.

Revelation # 4 – I’m stealing this one. When we were scared of doing something as it may make the space too quirky for resale, A family member told me to remember that we will be living here until we decide to sell. It can always be switched back (unless it involves tearing out walls). LOVE your space. I truly believe your home should be a reflection of your lives.

Side note: Don’t cha love the bike wheel clock my uber talented Mother in Law built us?