Animal House – it’s official

Hello friends,

Apologies on being lax this week with the posts..

It’s because I was busy with my first boarder – this sweet pea!!

Meet Merit!

Yep – I said boarder. I’m in the animal biz somewhat “officially” now as a one-dog -at-a-time kennel/boarding facility. I made the waiver and dog info forms, had a lawyer review and we’re here! We have the space, a fenced yard and the time – so why not?

Merit’s an 8 year old Golden Retriever with a heart full of gold (sorry for the age disclosure dear Merit – its just a number anyway!).

We started by having a trial day two weeks ago to see if she got along with my two rescue cats.

Frankie ensuring the hierarchy of the house stays the same….

Since we’ve opened our home to accepting boarders, I had an overwhelming response. My March and April are almost completely booked up. I do only take one dog at a time as I still work my 9-5. I want to ensure my full attention is on our new friend.

We have a kennel/crate area set up in one room and require a trial day ahead of time to ensure the dog to get along with cats.

As most of you know, we’re not open yet to owning as we’re still healing. This, like dog walking at the Shelter, is a great option with staying connected to furry friends. My Mr. and I agree, it’s amazingly nice to have a pup around again.Β  We’ve agreed that fostering is a good next step for us, at some pointΒ  πŸ™‚

We’ve taken time this week to reflect on how our Newton would have loved her. Her gentle and loving nature reminded me a lot of him.

Merit’s also won over my Mr. He’s been home off work from Thursday until Monday, and spending most of his time with her. Here’s the evidence he’s found love with another woman πŸ™‚

ImageMerit 3Image

We’ve had a ton of fun this past week. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves, spent more time outside (as naturally Merit prefers two walks a day, with a longer off-leash hike on the weekends) and tons of puppy snuggles. Proving our theory that “fur-therapy” really is the very best kind.

Cheers to the next adventure.



11 thoughts on “Animal House – it’s official

  1. I am so super bummed that my humans don’t live close to you. I would love to be a boarder at your house, and I’m pretty sure I would pass the kitty test. πŸ˜‰ Merit looks like the perfect first client (naturally, I think another Golden Retriever is perfect), but you better watch her with your Mr.–I see the way they look at each other!

    • Miss Harper Lee, You would be more then welcome!

      I’m positive the cats would love you. Merit won them over in under an hour πŸ™‚

      Naturally you’d love Merit, great taste as she is pretty fantastic.

    • Hi Clowie,

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be posting some pics of two lovely Great Pyr that are coming to stay with me in April. I’m very excited about them both. As you have first hand knowledge – you’ll have to give me some insight πŸ™‚



  2. As soon as I tapped your blog today…I knew you had a new addition to your fam!!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!! First off, congrats on your new boarding biz…that’s pawsome!!!! Secondly, Merit is truly adorable! Such love, calmness and wisdom is in that face!!!! Just wanna give Merit tons of hugs!!!! Blessings to you in every way!!!!

    • It was super exciting to have a pup once again roam the house. I don’t care who you are. There is NOTHING like coming home to a happy dog.

      Merit will be coming to stay with us again, your nailed her personality right on the head!

      Thanks for the positive thoughts. Wait till you see pics of my next boarder – what a goofball!

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