Bad news bears

Dear Friends,

We sit here, emotionally exhaused. What we found out on Friday is not the news we were hoping for. Newton was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney disease. A routine teeth cleaning turned up blood results that were terrifying for us. We just found out that his kidneys are worse then the thought and he’s unresponsive to the fluids they had him hooked up to since Tuesday. We have been given a few days to 2-3 weeks with our beautiful gentle giant.
We asked for a second opinion, and a third.. but the news is unchanged. The wonderful vets who have taken care of him all week have asked if we want a biopsy done to better focus their diasgnosis. The prognosis and treatment however would be very similar. Instead of putting him through more tests, poking and prodding, we brought him home as he is without pain. I stayed with him for quite a while the night before, sitting in his kennel at the vet. There was no rest, wearing the cone of shame and getting your fluids changed every few hours. He’s happier, as we all would be at home. Further treatment, at this mark would be pointless.

Therefore we made the decision out of love and respect, we brought him home and plan to spoil him rotten. All the food we have not allowed him to have, We’ve cooked up a storm of it all: Cheeseburgers, Homemade Roast Turkey and buttered sweet potatoes. He looks up every time as if to say, “Is this for me?”. Other then a little more tiredness, he’s the same as ever. He’s our big, beautiful wonderful 85 lb lap dog. He’s our best friend and deserves to go out with the best.


We’re staying home or going out to his favorite spots, hoping that every day will be spent doing one of his favorite things. If we’re lucky and Newton does stay with us till the weekend, I will be bringing him home to our home in the country where he can be spoiled by all. We’ve made the difficult decisions, and know the signs to look for. He will not suffer a moments pain for us.


We write and tell you, fellow dog/pet lovers as we know you’ll understand.

Give your furry best buddy an extra hug today – they’re worth it!




8 thoughts on “Bad news bears

    • Absolutely! Thanks so much for the kind words and the referral to this blog. I’ve read through some of their posts, and it sounds familiar! I’ve reached out to them to see if there’s anything they’ve found that helps.

  1. So very sorry to hear the news. Guess you were lucky to find out by chance and have this time together while Newton has no pain and can really enjoy the spoiling he’s going to get. Go for it.

  2. This is such devastating news to receive. Kidney disease is what ultimately took my girl and I remember how I felt the day I received the diagnosis and the days that followed. I am both saddened by your loss and filled with admiration of you and your family. You are strong, wonderful animal people and I am so, so sorry…

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