Crossfit advice from a Newbie


Well I don’t know if I’d call it progress on my fitness front, but me & my Mr. attended our first two Cross fit classes together. I found out at the end of the 2 x 2 hr sessions that these were just the assessments…


Over the 2 day span, we went, we saw, we did, we hurt…
At one point, after watching an extremely intense round of strength training including burpies (death) and another lovely workout I will explain as squat bench presses(?). Our trainer turned and said – they’re praying to the Cross fit gods. When we looked back after 5 mins of doing our own thing, even the biggest and strongest were all wheezing and on their knees.

You want to know something? I wanted to do it, I love a great challenge. For some reason, THIS was my “sign me up moment”. I don’t usually like to feel like I just had my ass handed to me, but I was willing to make an exception.

So after only 2 classes assessments, here are some impressions of Cross Fit from an amateur….

1.  You will sweat …. a lot

2,  You will want to throw up within your first week – it’s a great time to take note of your limits (Refer to #5 for my weakness)

3.  Invest in Epsom salts, a purchase you will not regret

4. You won’t want to move at all after your first 2 workouts. I will admit I rolled out of bed this morning, rather then sit myself up using my core and arms (See previous #3 for help)

5. Everyone will say you will learn to like rowing,  I’m still on the fence…

6. The board always looks scary at the beginning of the WOD

7.  Thank GOD for those lovely rubber bands to assist in pull ups

8. You will be humbled because you will suck at pretty much everything

9. You will LOVE the big rubber weights for the bars, it looks like you’re squatting 100 lbs instead of the 10 lbs (reality)

10. Do not expect to look like all those amazing fitness models who have “Cross fit or die” written over their chests on pinterest.. It takes months of Cross Fit and no ice cream (=no fun)

11. Despite all of this, You will want to do it again

I started all of this because as all of you know – Crossfit has gone VIRAL. You can’t check your facebook without some crazed crossfit go’er ranting about how amazing cross fit is.

I can appreciate the intensity, especially after seeing it first hand. I get how addictive it can be, especially if you have any sense of competitive nature. Posting your results on the board after a particularly difficult set can give you a sense of pride, especially if you’re not last. What I still have to figure out is how I feel about the exclusivity.

It’s probably like anything else, once you get good at it and become passionate you want everyone to get on board.

Ahh! I’ve started already!



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