Hot or Not – Costume Edition

I know I know… I’m ANOTHER female that’s going to attack the one day a year women can dress like a hooker and get away with it. Let me say, first off I do not consider myself a feminist. I do believe in equal rights and I do enjoy a great sense of intelligent humor. I believe this day is worth celebrating – let your freak flag fly.. I just prefer it with a sense of humor.

Humor is sexy, so obviously I’m a bit biased on costume preference. I’d prefer a laugh over a homemade pun rather then a sexy nurse any day. Then again, I don’t have a penis. Here are some of my fave halloween costumes to date!

One day, when I have kids.. they will be dressed as Carl Fredericksen in “Up”. Yep, I’m a softy when it comes to this costume. Check it out below and I dare you not to melt (just a little)


Photo Credit: I’m been searching high and low to find out who to attribute photo credit to this lovely ensemble.. Please share if you know!

This one’s just hilarious.. poor little guy 🙂


This one is our costume for next year…


This one is just for laughs.. I adore Gingies that can have a laugh at their own expense.


So those are some of my current faves. I hope you enjoyed.

I’m sure I’ll be adding more, check often !

Trick or Treat?



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