Family Talent

I’ve always been a bit proud of the artistic talent that stems from my Mr’s side of the family. His grandmother, mom and sister are all so phenomenal. I’m talking Acrylics, Watercolor, mixed media, photography, jewelry! You name it, they can do it. I’ve always been a big fan of the arts. In fact, I was an art teacher when I first moved to NB. I am however a bit awed by the choices that surround me. I think I’m a artistic jack of all trades, master of none. I need a FOCUS! (Refer to my first post).

So, in an effort to get down with my artsy self, I’m going to try out Acrylics for the first time! I’m excited, yet nervous.
I tend to keep my art to myself, as I never feel it’s finished. I do not want to present an unfinished product to my friends and family. They aren’t the judge-y sort, but still….

My sis has let me know that they will be having a farm inspired theme in their nursery. How cute is that, esp since they both come from the farm world AND live in Truro -Agriculture epicenter of NS. I’d like to paint them a mural….How about these little gems I found?



Anyway, this could prove to be another fantastic artsy outlet.

Thanks for listening, now to get sketching!



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