Renovation Revelations!

My life with renovation

This was my  choice of procrastination method when I should have been finishing up the first renovation project (kitchen).

I was really hesitant at first about painting the fireplace (hello – non reversible!), I’m really happy that I did. It just brightens up the entire space – What a face lift!

Revelation # 1 – If you’re in doubt, go with you intuition.

Revelation #2 – Paint that ugly fireplace, it can’t get any worse…

Revelation # 3 – Don’t be scared of color (I’m loving the grey/purple combo – Thanks to JR for the inspiration) – OWN your space.

Revelation # 4 – I’m stealing this one. When we were scared of doing something as it may make the space too quirky for resale, A family member told me to remember that we will be living here until we decide to sell. It can always be switched back (unless it involves tearing out walls). LOVE your space. I truly believe your home should be a reflection of your lives.

Side note: Don’t cha love the bike wheel clock my uber talented Mother in Law built us?


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