Words of a Newbie

So this is it, I started blogging? Have I opened the closet of my inner rants, hidden wishes and current food fantasies? Will this be slightly offbeat and a tad different then the thousand other diary blogs? We shall see…

My main goal? To gain some sort of accountability on the items I see as my own dirty laundry. Aururin Bevan had it right when he said “We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road, they get run over”. See, I believe that life is short, and I’m wasting part (ok most) of my potential in front of prime time TV. My alternative train of thought is that I also think that you should chill and enjoy things that come your way. The conjoining of these two rivers of thought can really equate to serious ambivalence.

As an indecisive person, I struggle when it comes to setting and following through on my lofty intentions. My trainer (sorry ex. trainer) told me to write everything I ate down to become “accountable”. It worked and I lost 20 lbs. Therefore this sense of accomplishment should translate – no?

Some of my latest life thoughts are trending on the usual:

1. Weight – lose it….again *sigh*

2. Finances – Get organized

3. Art – Lose the lazy & get inspired

4. Eat – Well (this could moot #1)

5. House Renos – Finish them (for now)

My first decision, which one shall I tackle first? Why not knock these puppies down in order…

I know I shall have a GIANT “ta-dah!” moment during this whole process, upon which I’ll brag non-stop. Please be warned and take this as your advanced notice

When I need a little pick me up – http://www.getinspiredproject.com/



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